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якщо потрiбен копiрайтер
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 scheme WORK OUTLINE : : copywriting agency for promotions in Ukrainian, Russian 

The work outline with the TEXT.Com.Ua copywriting bureau that we offer below is not the only possible, however in most cases is the best one:

1. Verbal or electronic negotiations about main points, terms and prices. Signing the appropriate agreement.
2. Short or detailed brief (description) received from a client describing what, for what, for who and how needs to be done, as well as information content (data), on the basis of which a work needs to be accomplished.
3. First version ("draft copy") for preliminary review and general adjusting by a client (in the case of naming development from 7 various versions).
3a. 50% pre-payment of the work cost.
4. Second version ("almost what we need") for detailed correction by a client.
5. Third version ("fair copy") for a client approval.
5a. Sometimes and in case of naming development also further versions are made up to final approval by a client.
6. The company services are paid by the client.
7. All final versions in electronic form and a document evidencing the developer does not make claims on copyrights on the texts made are sent to the client.
8. Mutual pleasure of both sides and inclination for further collaboration, optional:)


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