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TEXT.Com.Ua copywriting bureaus approach to texts creation is especially individual.

Only basic types of works are mentioned below.

:: ::
Creation of promotional materials for mass media (advertorials) 0 per 1,000 symbols
Creation of business proposals, official letters 0 per 1,000 symbols
Preparation of commercial & advertising presentations (texts only) from 0
Preparation of business document (projects, reports, conceptions) from 0 per 1,000 symbols
Texts development for booklets & brochures 0 per 1,000 symbols
Description of goods positions, assortment (packing, menu, price list etc.) from 0
Texts writing for radio & TV programmes 0 per 1,000 symbols
Web content development (web site information, seo copywriting) from 0 per 1,000 symbols
:: PR - ::
Press release writing 0
Newsbreaks working out from 0
Preparation of interview for mass media from 0
Speech writing (speeches word processing) 0 per 1,000 symbols
Creation of newsletters, announcements 0 per 1,000 symbols
Preparation of round-up articles, by-liners, case stories, features 0 per 1,000 symbols
Preparation of press kits, fact sheets, backgrounders 00 per 1,000 symbols
Preparation of announces for mass media (comments, contradictions etc.) from 0
Mass media monitoring from 0 per month
:: ::
Creation of brand "legends", texts for booklets from 0
Slogans creation from 0
Headlines, taglines writing from 0
Information audio spots (no music) from 0
Voice audio spots creation from 0
Music audio spots creation from 0
Messages for answering machines (recording) 0
Creation of congratulation materials (letters, post cards, scenario plan of action etc.) 0
Creation of scenario of special events from 0
Texts development for leaflets, flyers, stands etc. 0
:: ::
Proofreading from 0
Stylistic texts editing from 0 per 1,000 symbols
Decoding from audio, video from 0 per 1,000 symbols
Rewriting (complex text processing) from 0 per 1,000 symbols
Translation from English into Ukrainian or Russian from 0 per 1,000 symbols
Translation from Ukrainian or Russian into English + proofreading 0 per 1,000 symbols

* Thousand symbols are about half of a typewritten page.

** Realization of clients ideas and thoughts existing "in his mind", "in separated parts", "in disassembled condition" etc. in a text. Professional realization of a thought in a text may essentially increase the chances of its adequate perception by an addressee (a partner, client, boss etc.).

** Competent business report preparation ("about the work done", "about the negotiations results", "about the failure reasons" etc.) allows to emphasize positive aspects as much as possible and minimize undesirable.

** Assortment description is aimed to increase attractiveness of goods positions for a consumer. A menu should be read "deliciously", and price list - distinctly.


- We create original texts only in Ukrainian and Russian. Information from a client (brief) may also be received in English and Lithuanian. Furthermore, in the case of need, we have the friendly translation agency, to which we easily trust our texts translation into English, German, Polish, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Czech, Lithuanian and modern Greek. Nevertheless, any text translated into another language is not original work of art anymore, and we ask you to remember this.

- Duplicating of texts in second language (ukrainian / russian) is paid extra at the rate of from 25% to 50% from the cost of basic version.

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