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OUR TEAM  : : best Kiev copywriters 

TEXT.Com.Ua copywriting bureau is a small team of creative people with a sense of language, hard-working heads and significant work experience in the public relations field, advertising, online media and cultural studies.

There are no people engaged in poetry and prose among us, but there are people with PR and journalistic education. Professionals with creative potential and people who understand text culture are gathered in the TEXT.Com.Ua copywriting bureau. For us text culture means an ability to express a thought not only in a correct, clever, beautiful and sincere manner, but also efficiently.

In our opinion, efficiency of a commercial text is determined by how strongly a representative target audience will be inspired by it. Therefore, members of our team possess a special talent to write in a mother tongue for male and female audiences, for teenagers and pensioners, and for European and Soviet culture representatives. TEXT.Com.Ua creates texts to help a client reach a consumer. In creating text for consumers, we write so that consumers are inspired. Herein is the essence of our work.

In 2004-2010 promotional articles created by TEXT.Com.Ua copywriters were published in such Ukrainian media as:

Газета "Деловая Столица"
Газета "Факты и Комментарии"
Газета "МК в Украине"
Газета "Экономические Известия"
Газета "Комсомольская Правда в Украине"
Газета "День"
Газета "Киевские Ведомости"
Газета "ТВ-парк"
Газета "Високий Замок"
Газета "Днепр Вечерний"
Газета "Вечерний Харьков"
Газета "Вечерняя Одесса"
"Львівська Газета"
Журнал "Компан&он"
Журнал "Отдохни!"
Журнал "Дом и Интерьер"
Журнал "Путеводитель по здоровой жизни"
Інформаційна агенція "УНІАН"
Інформаційна агенція "Інтерфакс - Україна"
Інформаційна агенція "Українські Новини"
Інформаційна агенція "Гаряча Лінія"
Мережа ділової інформації "ЛігаБізнесІнформ"
"5 Канал"
"Перший Національний" телеканал
ТРК "Київ"
Радіо "Мелодія"
Радіо "Європа Плюс"
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